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SHS Membership Process (1).png

Students are eligible if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • Enrolled in at least Spanish 3 Honors or Spanish 3 Accelerated. 

  • Have earned 90% (honors) or 92% (accelerated) in all previous Spanish classes taken at Eastern at the conclusion of semester 1.

  • Students receive letters of eligibility via regular mail and are invited to Google Classroom where they apply.

  • Advisor and current officers review applicants and determine students' acceptance. Students receive an email that they have been accepted. 
  • Accepted students pay required dues (payment info is available upon acceptance).

    • There is a $25 (TWENTY-FIVE) membership fee payable after acceptance.

Students must attend a required meeting, the induction ceremony, and pay the $25 dues to be inducted! Inductees receive a certificate at the ceremony and a cord at graduation.


Starting with the class of 2025....

Inductees receive a certificate at the ceremony but are only considered active members and receive a cord if they are enrolled in a Spanish course at Eastern at the time of graduation. If they leave the Spanish program, they will not be considered active members and will not receive a cord. They will still be inducted into the Spanish Honors Society and receive a certificate at the ceremony. 

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