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Spanish Honors Society members may apply for an officer position via the SHS Officer Application provided to interested students. 

General Officer Responsibilities

  • Must be enrolled in a Spanish course (qualified officers are chosen based on seniority)

  • Attend SHS meetings and events

  • Attend and present at school board meetings as needed

  • Update advisors on progress/issues/etc.

  • Participate actively and create a positive and inclusive environment for all



  1. Must be a junior or senior and enrolled in a Spanish course

  2. Be dedicated to the organization to strengthen the goals of education as expressed in the Constitution and Bylaws

  3. Coordinate with both advisors to set the agenda for meetings

  4. Oversee all major activities and report progress to advisors

  5. Serve as spokesperson as needed

  6. Delegate responsibilities as needed and report delegation to advisor



  1. (1) senior or junior member and enrolled in a Spanish course

  2. Support president as needed

  3. Attend major events and fill in for president as needed

  4. Organize and coordinate committee obligations with the president



  1. (1) senior or junior enrolled in a Spanish course

  2. Keep a record of attendance

  3. Keep records and send minutes to advisors for meetings

  4. Keep records and coordinate with advisors for members’ completed hour



  1. (1) senior or junior member enrolled in a Spanish course

  2. Collect and deposit funds 

  3. Coordinate fundraising activities

  4. Report  the status of the account to the president and advisors

  5. Create a budget with advisors for activities



  1. (1) senior or junior member enrolled in a Spanish course

  2. Maintain active social media - (Twitter, Instagram, or Remind)

  3. Coordinate with print media - (Voyager & Yearbook)

  4. Submit announcements for upcoming meetings and events (at least one week in advance)

  5. Coordinate with community service groups as needed

  6. Take pictures of all the activities, meetings, events, etc.

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